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Defence – Proactive Communications, Inc



Proactive Communications is a USA based all-conditions satellite communications provider, delivering reliable and secure enterprise-class communication capabilities to government agencies, military and corporate entities around the world. PCI has become a proven and trusted resource for satellite communications in the most demanding situations and harshest environments.


PCI is contracted by the US Government to provide vital communications support to the US military in war zones in the Middle East. Mission critical communications in war zones require constant transmission and delivery of highly sensitive and secure information.  PCI required a partner who could provide both effective breadth of coverage in challenging and remote locations, as well as being able to provide significant depth in satellite and engineering expertise for the ongoing project.


NewSat delivered C- and Ku- band coverage from its Adelaide Teleport and fibre backhaul technology. NewSat not only provided the service but also designed a custom made system that fitted with PCI's requirements securely and cost effectively. NewSat enabled PCI to provide critical communication needs in the deployment of rapid tracking terminals, VoIP, unified communication and private secure networks, using state-of-the-art platforms such as ComtechEF data modems, Paradise modems and iDirect DVB-S2 hub technology.

One of the key reasons PCI selected NewSat for this project was NewSat's unrivalled service coverage in the Middle East from its world recognised Teleports and satellite infrastructure. The Adelaide Teleport is one of only a few US Military Accredited Global Access Points, which meant NewSat was able to meet the stringent security criteria required for US military operations.

The ability to deliver industry leading technical and engineering support made NewSat an ideal choice for PCI. “Our customers are completely reliant on us for satellite communications and meeting their needs in their difficult and dangerous environment is a paramount consideration,” - Marc LeGare, CEO Proactive Communications.

As part of its overall service proposition, NewSat’s aftermarket support made them the perfect choice for PCI from a business point of view as much as from an operational one. NewSat’s experience and expertise eliminated the need for third party consultants and associated costs, thus dramatically improving PCI’s return on investment. “I can directly attribute a sizeable impact on our business having NewSat as our business partner. They have provided the capacity for our growth and I’m able to do about $10M because of their solutions.”

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