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NewSat and BAE Systems contract signing for Wheatstone project


NewSat‘s two year contract with partner BAE Systems will provide offshore hardware and satellite communications through NewSat’s Perth teleport for the Wheatstone project. The project is one of the world’s largest liquid natural gas (LNG) developments located in the North Western region of Western Australia.

The contract with BAE Systems worth $8.59 million, will provide offshore satellite communications to enable high-speed connectivity between NewSat’s Perth office, offshore platform and production facility in Onslow. The solution has been designed to withstand the cyclonic conditions unique to the region.

This new contract expands NewSat’s satellite communication services to the entire Wheatstone Project, both offshore and onshore, to support the project’s construction, operations, administration and staff welfare. 
The Wheatstone Project is expected to operate for approximately 40 years and is located in the remote region of Ashburton North, Western Australia, which is best serviced by enterprise-grade satellite communications.

Click here to view photos of the contract signing at NewSat’s Perth teleport with NewSat’s Sales Director – Australia, Ashley Neale and BAE Systems Commercial Manager, Robert Bradshaw.