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Media and Broadcasting



NewSat’s media and broadcasting over satellite provide clients with the most efficient means of transmitting and receiving data. Clients have the ability to multicast information from a single point, providing a faster, more efficient method of delivering content across large geographic areas. All sites within a secure and private network are configured to receive content simultaneously, therefore providing a more cost-effective method to deliver information to multiple locations. NewSat supports applications such as digital signage, digital cinema, tele-medicine, e-learning and other broadcasting applications.

NewSat’s satellite communications ensure there is only one network to manage. Other delivery options with comparable footprints likely require multiple terrestrial connectivity vendors, therefore reducing efficiency. NewSat’s satellite communications also have the advantage of rapid deployment, quickly establishing a broadband network virtually anywhere and unlike terrestrial options, are unaffected by damage of physical lines or cables.

NewSat’s satellite network can also serve as a standby back-up for terrestrial networks and pays for itself in a digital media solution. Clients use the satellite network during “normal mode” for broadcasting applications. However, in the event of a disaster when terrestrial networks fail, mission critical voice and data traffic can be re-routed over the secure satellite network until terrestrial communications are restored, enabling the core business to function without disruption.

NewSat provides one of Australia’s largest retailer’s 800 stores with digital signage and broadcasting via satellite. Customers and staff are kept informed about new products, special offers and the latest information, via digital signage displays throughout each store.

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