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Satellite Powering US in the Middle East


NewSat has made inroads into the U.S. communications market after forming a strategic alliance with channel partner, and defence communications provider, Proactive Communications Inc. (PCI).

Foreign communications from the U.S. have previously been difficult, as many satellite communications companies focus solely on the American market. In the past this has been problematic for military operations, as the U.S. Military has not been able to find many secure and reliable options for unified communications.

International operations for the U.S. Government require a strong global support network. For all military communications security is paramount. Suppliers and networkers must be trusted and accredited. NewSat is both a trusted and accredited company, and has been the natural choice for military partnerships with PCI.

U.S. Military communications projects have remained strong with the Obama administration. In particular the policy changes to move troops out of Iraq and into Afghanistan. PCI's ability to now offer unified communications through NewSat's satellite network, has given the Texan company a competitive edge in tendering for other contracts.

PCI has been strengthened by NewSat's teleport in Adelaide, South Australia. They now offer global reach to Southwest Asia, a region that was traditionally difficult for American companies to access. This NewSat-PCI partnership facilitates high-speed, reliable and secure satellite communications that enable unified communications for coalition troops, and businesses in Afghanistan. Previously, it had been difficult to set up unified communications for the region, and this unique intercontinental partnership achieved this feat a few months ago.

This exciting Australian-U.S. partnership between NewSat and PCI has the ability to expand and evolve in the coming years. The current two-year contract includes exclusive use of NewSat bandwidth by PCI in Southwest Asia. NewSat's reliable satellite communications coupled with PCI's ability to harness satellite bandwidth, will resolve many communications barriers in the Middle East.