The 2nd Annual Microcap Investment Conference


NewSat’s CFO, Adam Shapiro, spoke at the 2nd Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference this week. Mr Shapiro spoke about the significant growth the NewSat business had experienced over the last 12 months as it transforms from a reseller of satellite capacity into an owner of satellites. NewSat recorded the largest growth of any microcap in attendance, growing 150% over the past 12 months, followed by Patties Foods with 34% growth.

Mr Shapiro informed the conference of the growth occurring in the satellite market, NewSat’s place in the market, the Jabiru Satellite Program’s ability to deliver significant shareholder value and the acquisition of the rights to 7 premium orbital slots. Mr Shapiro also provided an analysis of NewSat’s progress against a comparable satellite company Avanti and a case study of a typical high-value NewSat customer.

The 2nd Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference was held at the Sofitel, Melbourne on the 18th and 19th of October. It provided the investment community with the opportunity to hear from Australia's leading microcap companies. Over 20 CEO’s and executives from emerging companies spoke, along with keynote speakers presenting on the economic factors affecting the microcap sector.

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