Case Study - The Kimberley Region


The Kimberley region required reliable and cost effective communications infrastructure to support residents, government, private enterprise and tourism. The objective was to roll out satellite broadband to some of the most remote towns in Australia, many without adequate access, basic amenities and infrastructure. This complex project posed many challenges from engineering, operations and economic perspectives.


The Kimberley region is one of nine regions in the “top end” of Western Australia. It is the hottest part of Australia, about three times the size of England and so remote that many towns are not accessible by road. The Kimberley population and economy continues to grow, driven by industries such as oil, gas, mining, pearling and tourism.


In October 2007, the West Australian and Federal Governments awarded NewSat the contract to provide broadband services to the remote Kimberley Region of Western Australia. This wide ranging contract required NewSat to design, develop and deploy satellite broadband to 16 of the most remote towns in Australia, some not even accessible by road for most of the year.

NewSat provided satellite broadband through infrastructure in NewSat's Perth teleport and a satellite and wireless installation in each town. NewSat delivered broadband and VoIP services as well as providing Internet access for corporate, government and casual "hot-spot" users. "Having access to a broadband network has brought a whole new dimension to connectivity in these communities, the benefits are not just for the locals," - Kimberley retailer.

The Kimberley project continues to deliver broadband services to communities that have previously been unable to access high bandwidth services and has continued to provide travellers in the Kimberley region with affordable and essential links to the outside world.

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